Don’t be left out of deals

Buy online at US retailers and pick up in the GTA or receive your goods at your door.

Revolutionize your cross-border shopping experience

Shop at US retailers who don’t deliver to Canada without crossing the border.

We make it easy to shop US retailers and take advantage of their phenomenal sales without ever crossing the border.


  • Fast Reliable Service: Your goods arrive in Canada within 24-48 hours of being received at your exclusive US address.*
  • Low-Cost Service Fees: You pay a competitive service fee and low-cost shipping for delivery to your doorstep. Hassle
  • Free Customs Clearance: We clear your packages with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

* If package requires any corrections, this timeframe may be extended while we await your input, approval and/or direction.

How It Works

  • Register for a free account and get an exclusive US address
  • Shop at your favourite US retailer
  • Ship the items to your exclusive US address
  • Create an order on our portal and pay the service fee and Customs duties and taxes
  • Pick up your package from one of our locations or get it sent right to your doorstep

What Our Customers Say

Have been using their services for the last 5 years and never had an issue. The staff have always been nice and courteous. Would definitely recommend.
Mahood A.
I love this company. I recommend this company to absolutely anyone trying to get all different types of products from the USA that does not ship to Canada. The service is great very friendly staff. Products are handled with care and prices are reasonable to bring products over. They even offer services to send packages through to the USA. 10/10 always.
Daniel M.
This an absolute life saver if you regularly order from the US and need it to arrive to Canada. The staff is friendly and website user friendly.

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