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Welcome to Cross Border Pickups

Expand your local online shopping to include the entire United States of America. Shop at any of the US websites and not be restricted due to expensive and often non existent international shipping options. Then, you can seamlessly pick up your package at a local Cross Border Pickups location in the Greater Toronto or we will mail it to you (anywhere in Canada)

Forget expensive membership and subscription fees — Cross Border Pickups prides itself on offering seamless package forwarding service without any hidden costs. We accept large and small items alike, and offer four flat-rate sizes to keep pricing simple and ensure shoppers are getting the biggest bang for their buck.


Mailing costs in Canada, even locally, can be very high. International shipping to Canada is even more expensive. Our rates start with as low as $4 per package, which includes receiving your goods, forwarding the packages to Canada and dealing with customs.


You can have your packages available for pickup at the Canadian location within 2 business days of the item being received at your US address or as quickly as 3 days to your home.


We take care of everything and get the item to within a driving distance to you. No need to drive for hours, deal with the long border crossing times, spend on overnight hotels or trying to fit all the big items in your car. Our service is hassle free.